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High Encampment

Pearson Design Group, Inc.
Big Sky, Montana
Ralph Kylloe
Stepping through High Encampment's custom crafted door, visitors feel as if they have walked into an expansive cabin from the trun of the 20th century. The 8,800 square-foot property has antique character, built from rough-cut wooden planks and tree trunk pillars. Light enters expansive windows in the tree-level structure and highlights rich details such as hand-forged iron hardware, custom cabinetry, wooden bed frames and numerous locally quarried sandstone fireplaces.
Recycled materials are rustic an warm with history. Wooden tables, doors and stairways pair comfortably with leather armchairs, modern appliances and sconce lighting. High Encampment welcomes friends and family off the ski slope and offers an elegant retreat from the surrounding wilderness.