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Double D Ranch

Pearson Design Group
Manhattan, Montana
Ralph Kylloe
Situated on a mountainside cliff in southwest Montana, Double D Ranch sourced materials from the local terrain to construct the secluded 1,200 square-foot cabin.
Native stones that once dotted the landscape were repositioned to form an outdoor fireplace and patio, a perch for entertaining friends or observing wildlife. A game trail winds below, offering the family a well-trodden path to their home. A recycled log post offers support on an existing large boulder, now centered in the cozy living room. Regional antiques decorate the small rooms with a leathery and polished western character reminiscent of the 1920s. Recycled barn boards, weathered by the local elements, were fashioned into built-in beds for a small upstairs loft.
Double D Ranch is a small, intimate cabin that effortlessly balances the Montana landscape and its traditional culture through architecture and design.